No refunds, and no returns.

We are a custom order couture brand and each design that you order is personally hand beaded and fashioned by the designer. Hours of craftsmanship go into every design. However, if for some reason the design is damaged, or defective, or you strongly believe that you are entitled to consideration, we will judge your request on a case-by-case basis.

Our absolute goal is to provide you with a couture design that delights you for years to come. To this end, we will do our ultimate best to provide you with the most exemplary customer service possible.

Praise For Sedona


“Chained by Sedona has a variety of exquisite pieces which are flattering for anyone who is wanting to amplify their look by adding a sense of elegance and edge.”


“I treasure my Adiona choker like a family heirloom (because it is!). It's a stunning statement piece to wear, it's brilliantly handcrafted, and I receive the most amazing compliments when I wear it. My 3 young daughters even have their own and they treasure theirs just as much!! I adore the line and all its couture extraness that makes it both elegant and edgy, just like its designer.”

El Segundo

“Sedona is a true visionary! Her pieces are powerful, represent both men and women and are truly one of a kind! I can’t wear my Monroe Choker without getting flooded with compliments! I look forward to ordering my next unique piece from this talented artist. Absolutely love everything about them and what they represent! As a woman, at this time in our country, I definitely need to feel like a warrior!”


“Glamorous pieces that I’ll treasure forever.”

Los Angeles

“A must for every closet – CBS is creative in motion – versatile pieces for the fashion forward.”

San Diego

“Chained by Sedona has completely unique designs that beautifully accentuate life. These are truly one of a kind, stunning pieces.”