Our Story

Sedona & Stacy

Chained by Sedona evolved from my love of fashion and my exposure as a fashion model to several iconic fashion houses. The more opportunities I had to observe these fabulously talented artistic teams, the more enthralled I became with the idea of creating.

Observing how designs were fashioned and refashioned inspired my first venture to the L.A. fashion district. And after endless hours of rough sketching, trial and error, my first design was conceived. Each of my pieces is created by hand and personalized to fit your unique beautiful body.
After I produced my first design, my mother, Stacy Waddell, partnered with me and utilized her business, marketing and advertising skills to bring the Chained by Sedona brand to life. I am honored and delighted to share our couture designs with others. My hope is that these unique creations inspire originality and bring that little “extra” to those who wear them!