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Praise For Sedona


“Chained by Sedona has a variety of exquisite pieces which are flattering for anyone who is wanting to amplify their look by adding a sense of elegance and edge.”


“I treasure my Adiona choker like a family heirloom (because it is!). It's a stunning statement piece to wear, it's brilliantly handcrafted, and I receive the most amazing compliments when I wear it. My 3 young daughters even have their own and they treasure theirs just as much!! I adore the line and all its couture extraness that makes it both elegant and edgy, just like its designer.”

El Segundo

“Sedona is a true visionary! Her pieces are powerful, represent both men and women and are truly one of a kind! I can’t wear my Monroe Choker without getting flooded with compliments! I look forward to ordering my next unique piece from this talented artist. Absolutely love everything about them and what they represent! As a woman, at this time in our country, I definitely need to feel like a warrior!”


“Glamorous pieces that I’ll treasure forever.”

Los Angeles

“A must for every closet – CBS is creative in motion – versatile pieces for the fashion forward.”

San Diego

“Chained by Sedona has completely unique designs that beautifully accentuate life. These are truly one of a kind, stunning pieces.”